Gościniec Dębowa Samotnia
The Lonely Oak Cottage


The Lonely Oak Cottage - Terms and Conditions

General rules:

1. The Lonely Oak Cottage is part of active farm rented for tourism, sightseeing and leisure purposes.
2. Depending on the sezon we undertake various farm duties e.g. honey harvesting, feeding animals or cleaning - our Guests are welcome to tak part where possible. We will be more than happy to provide more information on request about e.g. the farm, cottage or equipment via e-mail prior to making reservation. Please plan your stay in advance and take responsibility for any enquiries about specific aspects - we are not able to foreseen all needs of our visitors.

3. The Visitors take full legal responsibility for using facilities and equipment on the farm during the stay. Children and person under 16 years old are required to be supervised by responsible and adult carer.

4. Rental for other purposes than stated above requires agreement with the Landlord before making a reservation.
5. Suitable pets are welcome subject to booking agreement with the Landlord. Please remember The Lonely Oak Cottage is located on the active farm. There are farm animals living here: pigeons, chickens, bees or rabbits and they are let loos often, There are also wild animal in the area coming close to the cottage - therefore Visitors are required to respect the livestock as well as the wildlife. Pet owners are required to provide appropriate equipment for their four-legged friends - sleeping mats, leash and muzzle water bowl but also cage and fance if necessary. Please note pets brought by visitors are not allowed to sleep on beds and visitors are required to take care of the property and clean after their pets. Due to health and safety reasons any aggressive and/or animals with uncontrollable behaviour brought by Visitors must be removed from the farm and any damages must by compensated by their owners.

Booking Policy:

6. Preliminary reservation is made by phone at +48 513 297 513 or +48 87 565 0261 or by sending an email to debowasamotnia@outlook.com.
7. The application should include the following data being sent via email:

- The name of the Booker
- Guest names and surnames
- exact date of stay
- clear purpose of the rental.

8. Preliminary booking binds the Booker for 5 days, counting from the date of submission.
9. To establish the final booking the Landlord must receive a payment within 5 days - deposit to be sent to the Landlord's account - 50% of the fee for the stay.
10. It is not permissible to make a reservation for visitors under 18 years old without adult being part of the group.
11. If property is available, it is possible to book "overnight" at +48 513 297 513 or +48 87 565 0261 or by sending an email to debowasamotnia@outlook.com.

Cancellation of reservation:

12. The Booker is entitled to cancel the booking up to 10 days before the planned arrival without incurring additional costs.
13. Cancellation of the reservation less than 10 days before the planned arrival, abandonment or "no show up" will result in the loss of the deposit paid.

Terms of payment:

14. The remaining 50% of the payment is to be paid via bank transfer up to 10 days before arrival.
15. When renting the entire house, a security deposit is required as pre-determined by phone - usually 300 zł and it is returned on the day of departure upon confirmation by the Landlord that nothing has been damaged.

Check-in and check-out:

16. The condition of check-in is to make the whole payment for the stay as well as to make the security deposit.
17. Check-in is on the day of arrival from 4 pm.
18. Guests are required to leave the room - check-out until 10.00 am.
19. The check-out takes place in the presence of the Landlord.
20. If, at the time of check-out, any damage to the property arises, the Booker shall bear full financial and legal responsibility.

Rules of stay:

21. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the premises and the use of slippers inside of the property is compulsory.
22. Between 10 pm and 7 am there is a quiet time, and holiday makers must behave in such a way as not to disturb other guests and neighbours.
23. Guests are responsible for maintaining cleanliness at home. Cleaning products are provided. Visitors are required to take care of the property and clean after pets.
24. When renting single rooms, the kitchen is a common area and should be kept clean.
25. When leaving the building and at night, the outside door should be locked.

26. Visitors with small children using nappies/diapers are required to bring their own waterproof mats to secure beds.

27. Towels are not included. Visitors are required to bring their own towels.

28. The Lonely Oak Cottage operates as a self-catering basis only. The closest shops are in Kaletnik and Szypliszki. 

29. By making reservation at Lonely Oak Cottage and making initial payment - our Visitors agree to the above terms and conditions. 

30. The Lonely Oak Cottage is a perfect place for peaceful farm retreat, close to the nature and away from stress of everyday life. Should our Visitors have any comments or enquiries please ask. Our aim is to provide peaceful and safe stay in the Cottage.